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Captain Marvel - The Symbolic Life Summer 2019

The Coldwater Counseling Center, of which Steve has been the President for over 30 years, shares Steve's article series The Symbolic Life in their biannual newsletters.

We have had a challenging year on many levels from politics to the environment. On the political side last November history repeated itself in a disturbing, yet interesting way. In 1991 Anita Hill testified at the Clarence Thomas supreme court nomination hearings as to his inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. He was still nominated and she is still vilified some twenty-seven years later for speaking out. But the following year became “the year of the woman” as more women were elected to Congress than even before.

Last year Christine Blasey Ford testified at the hearings of supreme court nominee Bret Kavanaugh concerning her experience of sexual assault. Reflecting the deep split in our society over such matters, both Ford and Kavanaugh were vilified by various parties, but like Clarence Thomas, Kavanaugh became a supreme court justice. And once again, some twenty-seven years after the Anita Hill testimony, more women were elected to Congress in record numbers. It has been and continues to be a long hard road for our culture to find gender balance and equality.

Curiously in the fantasy world of Marvel comics, now some twenty odd movies later, it also became the year of the woman, when the Marvel film franchise finally produced a stand-alone movie for a woman character, Captain Marvel. (Two years ago I wrote about Wonder Woman as the first DC Comic Universe character to get her stand-alone movie.) Captain Marvel is a wonderful tale of an Artemis woman coming into her own, and discovering who she really is and the energy she has been given through her own indomitable spirit. We first meet her as Vers, a warrior/hero who is part of a special team of fighters for the Kree civilization somewhere out in the far reaches of our galaxy (or even beyond it). She is mentored by Commander Yon-Rogg who is always willing to show her that he can best her in hand-to-hand combat, and is teaching her to control her emotions...

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