Transforming Body & Soul
Therapeutic Wisdom in the Gospel Healing Stories

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With all the scholarly attention given to the Scriptures in the Christian community, it is remarkable how little study has been done of the Gospel healing stories. These stories embody and
reflect powerful interpersonal dynamics, which are being rediscovered today in the practice of psychotherapy. As a healer, Jesus forms a bridge between the most ancient of healers, the shamans,
and recent developments in psychosomatic medicine and depth psychology. Body and soul are intimately connected-health in one is often reflected in wholeness in the other.


Blending the insights of Biblical scholarship with those of modern psychology, Galipeau examines each of the Gospel healing stories in depth. Transforming Body and Soul is a valuable resource for psychotherapists and counselors as well as clergy and pastoral
ministers. Anyone seeking health and wholeness of body and spirit will find this a rewarding, challenging and therapeutic book.


Transforming Body & Soul is a Significant contribution to Jungian psychology and to the relationship between psychological and spiritual development.

Transforming Body and Soul emerged out of my efforts to find a resolution of the best of psychology and religion.  While Jungian psychology explored numerous ancient modes of healing and their relevance for modern times, no one had addressed the healing stories in the Gospels.  Similarly, when I studied for my Masters of Divinity no mention was made of this aspect of the Gospels.  Clearly the healing of individuals was a key component of the work of Jesus; each Gospel is full of such stories.  Yet the community demands of parish work left little time for individual care of parishioners.  Each week I set aside time to develop a commentary on all of these stories, a process that began while working towards my M.Div.  The healings in the Gospel are not "miracles" or "magic."  They are psychological in the deepest sense, depicting the process by which an individual soul is transformed.


Transforming Body and Soul is currently available through Fisher King Press.  The Revised Edition of Transforming Body & Soul is also now live on Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google eBooks, and the Apple iBookstore.

The Journey of Luke Skywalker:
An Analysis of Modern Myth and Symbol

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So many years after Star Wars: A New Hope burst upon the world in 1977, why is The Force still with us? Why do the Star Wars movies continue to haunt the imaginations of young and old alike? In the Journey of Luke Skywalker,Steven Galipeau applied depth psychology to the Star Wars epic, uncovering a wealth of symbolic meaning embedded in this seemingly simple tale of adventure. Luke Skywalker's journey, from his early life on a desert farm to his act of redemption that helps transform an entire galactic civilization, captures many of the struggles of the modern psyche, and exercises a powerful sway akin to that of religious myth.

Using C. G. Jung's approach to dreams and myths, Jungian analyst Steven Galipeau reveals to readers the wealth of symbolism and meaning embedded in George Lucas's modern fairy tale. From the battle between light femininity and dark masculinity to the conflict between nature and technology, Galipeau explains why the characters and themes in the movies resonate so deeply with us. Appealing to Star Wars fans as well as those interested in popular culture, contemporary myths, and archetypes, The Journey of Luke Skywalker will bring new insight to the most popular film series of the last two decades.

"Behind the space dogfights and light-saber duels is a mythology that touches a chord in the human psyche . . . this title will be the basis of many internet discussions—not to mention term papers—by fans who will enjoy it. Recommended."

—Michael Rogers, Library Journal

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